We should hang out (or you could adopt me!)

I'm a sweet and energetic doggie all the way from Argentina! I was adopted by a lovely couple and spent most of my life in Buenos Aires, eating steak and drinking Malbec. It was pretty great. In 2015 we moved to Colorado so my person, Kelly, could be closer to her family in Boulder. I used to live in a big house with a patio and rooftop terrace, but now I'm in a small apartment. Honestly, it's kind of a bummer.

The reason I have this webpage though, sadly, is that my owner Kelly is looking to... um, rehome me. :(

I know, I can't believe it either.

It's nobody's fault really, just a lot of circumstances that have led up to a very difficult decision. This is partly due to the fact that I haven't been getting along with the other dog in our family, Xuxa. Since Xuxa has been with them longer, I guess they feel that I should be the one to go.

BUT, my family really, really, really wants to rehome me in an "open adoption" style. Which means they want to meet my new family and stay in touch and be able to, once in awhile, come visit and pet me and maybe walk me!!! Maybe if my new fam goes out of town, my old fam could pet sit! It's really a win-win for everyone. After all, I've been with them for 8 years and they still adore me and want to know how I'm doing, that I'm safe and happy.



Female dog, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped

Breed: ???

8 years old, but like, everyone says I seem way younger

Health: Maybe a little chubby at about 50 pounds, but otherwise just super


Loving family

Fenced front or back yard

Daily walks


The sweetest. I love humans, I wear my heart on my sleeve. You will never have to guess what I'm feeling because you'll know if I'm scared (thunder!) or sad (why are you leaving again?) or just happy to be alive (almost all the time!)

Affectionate. I love belly rubs, love to sit next to you, and will stare into your eyes longingly.

Flexible. I can be crated, I can just chill at home. No dogs on couches? No problem. Yes dogs on couches? Whee!

Potty trained. And patient. I can go for 12 hours if need be. Also I don't get car-sick.

Not picky. I love food, but it doesn't have to be fancy. Right now I'm eating Costco brand.

Pretty good walker. I get excited when the leash is going on, but with a training collar or harness I walk calmly. Also- some of the excitement has to do with our small apartment. If my new family had a yard, I'd be less hyper when it comes to taking walks.

Not food aggressive. You can touch or pet me while I eat - I'll just keep eating.

Not people aggressive. I may sniff or jump up very occasionally, but I have never shown any aggression towards humans of any age or size.

Helpful. If someone comes to the door, I'll bark to let you know what's going on, but just for a couple of seconds until I know you have the situation under control. You'll feel so safe! Also what if you're sleeping and FedEX comes? I'll let you know.

Talented. I can sit, shake, lay down and stay (kind of). Also Bilingual!


Not good at fetch. I'll go get it, but then run to my crate and never give it back.

I don't like baths or water much. Nuff said.

Mean to Xuxa. The main reason I'm looking for a new home is due to a love triangle between me, Xuxa the other female dog in my house, and a male dog (Lutero) who was living with us for a couple weeks in foster care. Long story short- I had a fight with Xuxa and never really got over it. I continue to show aggression towards her to this day. I wish I could get over it. Everybody does. But I haven't been able to. After much deliberation everyone thinks it's healthiest for XUXA and I to part ways. :(

Not super sure about other dogs. I mostly like them, but you just never know. If I am to have a dog brother or sister I should meet him or her first. When on walks, I'm mostly good. Some dogs that walk by, I sniff or ignore. Other dogs, well, I just bark and pull sometimes. My person isn't a super alpha leader so maybe with a different person I would respond differently? When I've gone to veterinary waiting rooms with other dogs I've been very good. As for dog parks - I don't have very much experience. I think I'd like to try it, but I'm scared of pitbulls!

Cats? Hmm. I have chased them on numerous occasions when I see them in the street. But living together is a different dynamic... It could work!


I would love to meet you and show you what a great dog I am!

If you are interested in an "open adoption" with Bianca or have further questions, you can email Kelly: sailor.kelly@gmail.com or call her at 720 240 3540.